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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wedding Day: Yeager Lynch

Rain. That's how wedding day started. Rachel conceded, "I've made my peace with it. It is what it is." The rest of us kept saying, "Rain on your wedding day is good luck! Yay!" But plan B was sketchy.

Bridesmaids met early and went to West Jefferson for beautification. They returned to Nuthouse Cottage where they shared a lunch made earlier by the bride. Then, they started to get ready.

Love the Dress. Here we go.

McKenzie (Junior Bridesmaid),  Rachel, and Michelle (Maid of Honor)

Beautiful Bridesmaids: Katie Rushing, Michelle Yeager ,and Jamie Schubert
Aphrodite was here. Really.

And then there was an element of surprise added to the wonderful country elegance. SHHH! The groom was not to know.  Rachel and Dad made a grand entrance in a beautiful horse drawn carriage driven by a gentleman friend, James Young.

James Young and Horse, Kale wait in the Carriage for the Bride, Rachel, and Father of the Bride, Hal Yeager
Family friend and professional photographer, Mark Wallheiser, gets a front seat ride to the venue.

Carriage arriving with bride, father and photographer, James Young driving.

Almost ready to disembark
Uphill to the Arch
Here they come!!
Aphrodite (that is McKenzie) straightens the veil.

Father, Hal, gives her to the groom. Mother, Jodi, watches.

Ceremony begins.

A laugh between them.

They exchange vows, written for the occasion.

Pronouncement with joy.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynch leave the stage.

Rachel is an artist.

Photography Note: These photos are candid shots by Traylor and me and by Ruth, Traylor's sister. There will be professional photos to follow by Mark Wallheiser. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rehearsal and Dinner for the wedding of Rachel Yeager and Will Lynch

The week of the wedding arrived with treacherous weather predictions, some last minute changes, and a sick bride. Along with the folks came the threatening clouds and hard rain.

But, none of that could dampen the Yeager-Lynch wedding at A Point of View. Everyone had worked so hard to make it wonderful that had the sky not cleared, we would have huddled for laughs under the white tent.
Wedding Venue from the Point of View of the Farmhouse
Wedding Arch Atop True North Platform
When the rain stopped in plenty of time for the rehearsal at True North and the rehearsal dinner at Reflection Pond, we rejoiced, happy that at least one event would be dry.


Caroline the DJ and Ruth the Decorator

S'Smores Bar with Cornhole Game in the Distance

S'More's Ready

Clara and McKenzie Taste S'mores

Family and the Wedding Party Relaxing After the I Do BBQ.

Teann Yeager Enjoys the Bonfire

Bernard and Kennedy Sellers play Cornhole

Before Dark

Almost Dark: Surprise Fireworks by Traylor

 So where were the Bride and Groom? Could be staying out of the spotlight, waiting for their big day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Countdown to a Wedding

Only three weeks remain before Rachel Yeager and Will Lynch say their vows at True North, the highest ground at A Point of View.

Will Lynch and Rachel Yeager, Late Summer 2017

Both live in Birmingham, AL, so we have had a few meetings, many phone calls and hundreds of texts and pinnings of ideas and photos over the last year.  Flashback:

Rachel and sister, Katie Rushing during planning weekend in October 2017
Pond-side bonfire during planning weekend, October, 2017.
Jodi, Katie, Michelle, Rachel toasting with Traylor on the last night of planning in October, 2017

Over the winter months, Traylor built a platform at the top intended not just for the ceremony, but for chiminea fires in times to come, and a peaceful place to just stop while walking and soak up the beauty.

Foundation and first boards for the platform at True North
Finished platform construction, ready for painting

Painted Platform in Early Spring 2018
Fast-forward to early May: The bride has finalized her plans. Dresses and mens' suits have been fitted. Invitations are out and RSVPs are in.


Winter lingered into April this year but, finally, we have the pastels of spring tinging the trees, a sure sign that green leaves will be the backdrop for the event.
Finally green again!
Trees budding in pastels. Spring has arrived!
Plants seem to be springing late, including the flowers we hope to feature in bouquets. I've been watching the peonies, hoping they will bloom on time and in time for the wedding.

Peonies budding three weeks before the wedding
Hal, Rachel's Dad also finished an arbor to feature during the nuptials. He will be loading this on a large trailer and hauling it from Birmingham to set up in time to decorate with greenery and flowers.

Hal's handmade Arch for Rachel's wedding
I made prayer flags in Rachel's chosen colors on white for decorating the informal picnic shelter.

Wedding Flags finished and hanging in my living room

Rachel and Will have been working hard and saving money for the wedding and a trip. Plans are coming together. And now...It's almost time.