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Friday, October 21, 2016

Leaf Season in the High Country

Leaf season is moving too quickly this year. Hot weather lasted into October and the trees stayed green long past a late flourish of goldenrod.

Frosty, misty morning early October after bush-hogging is done
Early October only a tinge of color began to show in the leaves. Unseasonably hot temperatures had us ready for an end to summer, but it lingered long.

First show of color
Color burst through the trees and within only a few days had peaked. The photo above of a spot of red on a green tree was taken on Friday, and the photo below taken the following Wednesday.

Driving the back roads called for stop and go photography. And the crowds came.

The gentlest of breezes blew leaves from the trees and we were soon past the peak.

Most years by November 1, the trees here are bare, a melancholy transition. Harvests are waning.

Time to split wood and get ready to hunker down. I fear that winter is coming fast...